List Of Subjects In Specialization:

Sr. No.Subject CodeSubject NameSem/Year/Sess.Syllabus
1 3069Machine Drivers1 Syllabus
2 3070Power Electronic Converter1 Syllabus
3 3071Control System1 Syllabus
4 3072EHV Transmission & Costing1 Syllabus
5 3073Electrical Engg. & Practices2 Syllabus
6 3074Power Electronic2 Syllabus
7 3075Electrical Design, Estimating2 Syllabus
8 3076Computer Aided Analysis of E.P.S.2 Syllabus
9 3077Machine Analysis3 Syllabus
10 3078Optimal Control Control & Instrumentation3 Syllabus
11 3079Advance Control Theory3 Syllabus
12 3080Power System Protection and control3 Syllabus
13 3081Industrial Instrumentation4 Syllabus
14 3082Digital control and state variable methods4 Syllabus
15 3083Electronic Instruments and Systems4 Syllabus
16 PR-001PROJECT4 Syllabus Protection Status