List Of Subjects In Specialization:

Sr. No.Subject CodeSubject NameSem/Year/Sess.Syllabus
1 3087Semiconductor Devices and Modeling1 Syllabus
2 3088VLSI Technology & Process Modeling1 Syllabus
3 3089Modern Digital Communication System Technology1 Syllabus
4 3090Digital Voice and Picture Communication1 Syllabus
5 3091Solid State Circuit2 Syllabus
6 3092Digital Circuit & System2 Syllabus
7 3093Optimal Control2 Syllabus
8 3094Satellite Communication2 Syllabus
9 3095Digital Signal Processing3 Syllabus
10 3096Digital Image Processing3 Syllabus
11 3097Optical Communication3 Syllabus
12 3098Telecommunication Switching3 Syllabus
13 3105Embedded Systems Design4 Syllabus
14 3106Embedded Control System4 Syllabus
15 3107Verilog Hardware Description Language4 Syllabus
16 PR-001PROJECT4 Syllabus Protection Status