List Of Subjects In Specialization:

Sr. No.Subject CodeSubject NameSem/Year/Sess.Syllabus
1 3108Date Structures & Object Representation1 Syllabus
2 3109Advanced Computer System Architecture1 Syllabus
3 3110Design and Analysis in Algorithm1 Syllabus
4 3111Pattern recognition and Application1 Syllabus
5 3112Advanced Computer System2 Syllabus
6 3113Computer Communications Network2 Syllabus
7 3114Neural Computer and Application2 Syllabus
8 3115Parallel Processing2 Syllabus
9 3116Automation Engineering3 Syllabus
10 3117Mobile Computing3 Syllabus
11 3118Fuzzy Set Theory & Application System 3 Syllabus
12 3119Design Principles of Language Translator3 Syllabus
13 3123Interactive Multimedia4 Syllabus
14 3124Web Programming4 Syllabus
15 3125Programming Microsoft ASP .Net4 Syllabus
16 PR-001PROJECT4 Syllabus Protection Status