List Of Subjects In Specialization:

Sr. No.Subject CodeSubject NameSem/Year/Sess.Syllabus
1 2004Principles of Management 1 Syllabus
2 2167Organizational Behavior1 Syllabus
3 2168Applied Operation Research & Statistics1 Syllabus
4 2169Business Policy & Strategic Management1 Syllabus
5 2170Management Information Systems1 Syllabus
6 2171Managerial Economics2 Syllabus
7 3310Rural Economy and Development2 Syllabus
8 3311Management of Land and Water Resources2 Syllabus
9 3312Common Property Resource Management2 Syllabus
10 3313Management of NGOs and Human Resources Development2 Syllabus
11 PR-001PROJECT2 Syllabus Protection Status