Syllabus For The Subject History of Architecture





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Chapter-1 The beginnings of architecture

Prehistoric settlements and megalith constructions

Eastern Europe

Western Europe

Ancient Mesopotamia

Sumerians akkadians, and neo-sumerians

Babylonians, Hittites and Assyrians

Neo-Babylonians and Persians

Ancient Egypt

Essay: hydraulic civilizations

The early dynastic period and old kingdom

The first pyramids

Fourth-dynasty pyramids at giza

The middle kingdom

The new kingdom


Chapter-2 The greek world

The millions

The mycenaeans


Greece: the archaic period

Greece: the classical period

The Parthenon, Athens

Other buildings on the acropolis

Essay: celebrating athema’s birthday

Greece: the Hellenistic period

Greek city planning

The Athenian agora

Hellenstic cities



The architecture of ancient India

And Southeast Asia


Religions of India

Early Buddhist shrines

Essay: bamiyan and the colossal Buddha

The spread of Buddhist influence

Hindu temples

Early buildings

Later temples

Angkor wat


Chapter-4 Traditional architecture of china and japan

Chinese architectural principles

Principles of city planning

Houses and gardens

Essay: elder brother rock

Japanese temple architecture

Buddhist temples

Shinto shrines

Japanese cities,houses and castles

Zen Buddhist architecture katsura


Chapter-5 The roman world

Etruscan imprints

Roman architecture

Building techniques and materials 

City planning

Essay: the engineering might of the romans


Public buildings

Valuated spaces

Public baths

Threaters and amphitheaters


Urban housing

Rural villas and urban places


Chapter-6 Early Christian and byzantine architecture

Early Christian basilicas

Martyria, baptisteries and mausolea

Essay : eusebius and constanine

Byzantine basilicas and domed basilicas

Centrally planned byzantine churches

Byzantine churches in Russia

Masonry churches

Wooden churches


Chapter-7 Islamic architecture

Early shrines and palaces

Development of the mosque

Regional variations in mosque design

Columnar hall designs

Iwan designs

Courtyard designs

Pavilion designs

Domed prayer hall designs

Houses, palaces and urban patterns



Chapter-8 Early medieval and Romanesque


Carolingian architecture

The revival of masonry construction


Anglo-saxon and Viking architecture

English churches

Norwegian stave churches

Early Romanesque architecture

Romanesque architecture of the Holy Roman Empire

Pilgrimage architecture of the Holy Roman Empire

Pilgrimage roads

The order of cluny 

Essay: the mystic mill from vezelay

Aquitance  and provence

Cistercian monasteries

Norman architecture


Chapter-9 Gothic architure

Early gothic

The abbey church of st. denis

High gothic

Charters and Bourges

Beauvais and ste. Chapelle

English gothic

Essay: a wool church

Early English

Decorated and perpendicular

German and Italian gothic

German and Italian gothic

German hall churches

Italian gothic variations

Medieval construction

Medieval houses and castles



Medieval cities


Chapter-10 Indigenous architecture in the

Pre-Columbian Americas

Tribes of the Great Plains and the great lakes

Tribes of the northeast

Tribes of the Mississippi of the river basin

Essay: the birthplace of the Choctaws

Arctic and subarctic tribes

Tribes of the northwest and northern California

Tribes of the southwest

Mexico, central America, and south America

The olmecs of the eastern Mexican coast

Teotihuacan in the valley of mexico

The zapotecs and mixtecs at monte alban, Oaxaca

The maya


Copan and Palenque

Uxmal and chichen itza

The toltecs in the valley of mexico

The Aztecs at Tenochtitlan

The incas in the andes


Chapter-11 Renaissance architecture

Filippo Brunelleschi

Florence cathedral

Other Florentine cathedral

Michelozzo bartolomeo and the palazzo medici

Leon battista alberti


The palazzo rucellai, Florence

Churches in rimini and mantua

Essay: pius’s resolutions

The ideal city

Other  renaissance city plans

The spread of the renaissance




Leonardo da vinci

Donato Bramante

The tempietto rome

St.peter’s rome

Porta pia, rome

Sforza chapel,rome

Andrea palladio

Buildings in Vicenza

Villa designs in the Veneto

Churches in venice

The teatro olimpico

Palladio’s venice

Garden design

Boboli gardens Florence

The renaissance in france

Chateaux in the loire valley

Sebastiano serlio and philibert de I’orme

The louvre the French place and hotel,paris

 The renaissance in England

Elizabethan country houses

Inigo jones



Chapter-12 Baroque architecture

The reformation and counter-reformation

Gesu ,rome

Pope sixtus V and the preplanning of rome

St. peter’s

Gianlorenzo Bernini

The completetion of st.peter’s

S. andrea al quirinale, rome

Francesco Borromini

S. carlo alle Quattro fontane, rome

S.lvo della sapienza

Urban open spaces in baroque Rome

The piazza navona

Essay: piazza navona –A space for spectacle

The piazza Del popolo

The spread of baroque  architecture to northern Italy

Guarino guarini

Bemardo vittone

Filippo juvarra

The baroque in central Europe

Die wies, Bavaria

The baroque in france

The louvre paris

Francois mansart

The chateaux of vaux-le-vicomte and Versailles

Jules-hardouin mansart

Christopher wren and the baroque in England

The city churches

St. paul’s

Housing in the manner of wren

Nicholas hawksmoor,sir john Vanbrugh and james



Chapter-13 The eighteenth century

The English neo-palladians

The return to antiquity

Essay: prianesi’s view of rome

Robert adam and William chambers

Etienne-louis boullee and claude-nicrolas ledoux

French architects and the aggrandizement of the state

French architectural education and the ecole des


The challenge of the industrial revolution

Romanticism and the picturesque

The romantic landscape

Picturesque buildings 



 Chapter-14 Nineteenth-century



Karl friedrich schinkel

Sir john soane

Benjamin henry Latrobe and Thomas Jefferson

The gothic revival

A.W.N. pugin

The ecclesiological movement in England and America

Eugene –enmmanuel violet-le-duc

The ecole des beaux-arts

Richard morris hunt and the world’s Columbian


Mckim,mead , and white

Progress in iron fabrication

Iron bridges

Development in steel

Essay: the coming of the railroad

Architectural applications of iron and steel construction

Joseph Paxton

Henri labrouste

Gustave Eiffel

The first skyscrapers

Skeletal construction in concrete and wood

The arts and crafts movement

John Ruskin

William morris

Richard norman shaw,C.F.A. voysey, and herman


Art nouveau

Victor horta and hector guimard

Antonio gaudf

Charles rennie mackintosh

The Viennese secession

The search for an American style

Henry hobson Richardson

Louis Henri Sullivan



Chapter-15 The twentieth century

And modernism

The idea of a modern architecture

The war of words

Adolf loos

Ornament and crime

The raumplan and loos’s buildings

Frank Lloyd wright

Developing the prairle house

Early public buildings

The flight from America

Peter Behrens and the deutscher werkbund

Futurism and constructivism

Dutch and german expressionism

Art deco

De stijl

Exploiting the potential of concrete

Tony  garnier and the industrial city

Le Corbusier

The dom-ino and citrohan houses

The villa stein and the villa savoye

The cite universities and le corbusier’s five points

Walter Gropius

Building designs

The Bauhaus in Weimar and Dessau

Essay: a Russian painter at the Bauhaus

Ludwig mies van der rohe

The Barcelona pavilion and the tugendhat house

The weissenhof siedlung and the international style

The Guggenheim museurn and tailiesin west

Later work of le Corbusier

Ronchamp and ste-marie-de-la-tourette


The decline of modernism



Chapter-16 Modernisms in the mid-and late twentieth century

Alvar alto

Eero Saarinen

Louis I, kahn

Robert venturi’s radical counter-proposal to modernism

Intellectual inspirations for post-modernism

Philip Johnson

Charles moore

Michael graves

Robert A.M. stern

Richard meier

The exploitation of technology by james sterling and



Peter eisenman

Essay: M.C Escher and the paradoxical staircases of


Frank gehry

Glenn murcutt     

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