Syllabus For The Subject Mechanics of Solids







Vectors. Equilibrium of Particles. Free-body Diagrams • Forces

on Rigid Bodies • Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies • Forces and

Moments in Beams • Simple Structures and Machines •

Distributed Forces • Friction • Work and Potential Energy •

Moments of Inertia




Kinematics of Particles • Kinetics of Particles • Kinetics of

Systems of Particles • Kinematics of Rigid Bodies • Kinetics

of Rigid Bodies in Plane Motion • Energy and Momentum

Methods for Rigid Bodies in Plane Motion • Kinetics of Rigid

Bodies in Three Dimensions





Undamped Free and Forced Vibrations • Damped Free and

Forced Vibrations • Vibration Control • Random Vibrations.

Shock Excitations • Multiple-Degree-of-Freedom Systems.

Modal Analysis • Vibration-Measuring Instruments




1.5Mechanics of Materials..

Stress • Strain • Mechanical Behaviors and Properties of

Materials • Uniaxial Elastic Deformations • Stresses in Beams

• Deflections of Beams • Torsion • Statically Indeterminate

Members • Buckling • Impact Loading • Combined Stresses •

Pressure Vessels • Experimental Stress Analysis and

Mechanical Testing



1.6Structural Integrity and Durability.

Finite Element Analysis. Stress Concentrations • Fracture

Mechanics • Creep and Stress Relaxation • Fatigue



1.7Comprehensive Example of Using Mechanics of Solids


The Project • Concepts and Methods Protection Status