Syllabus For The Subject Basic Microbiology









Part I PractIcal InformatIon and Procedures fo BacterIology

Chapter 1  Sterilization, Disinfection, and Antisepsis

Judith A. Challis

Chapter 2 Quantitation of Microorganisms

Peter S. Lee

Chapter 3 Culturing and Preserving Microorganisms

Lorrence H. Green

Chapter 4 Stains for Light Microscopy

Stuart Chaskes

Chapter 5 Identification of Gram-Positive Organisms

Peter M. Colaninno

Chapter 6 Identification of Aerobic Gram-Negative Bacteria


Donna J. Kohlerschmidt, Kimberlee A. Musser, and Nellie B. Dumas

Chapter 7 Plaque Assay for Bacteriophage

Emanuel Goldman

Chapter 8  Phage Identification of Bacteria


Catherine E.D. Rees and Martin J. Loessner


Chapter 9 Phage Display and Selection of Protein Ligands

Wlodek Mandecki and Emanuel Goldman


Chapter 10. Diagnostic Medical Microbiolog

Lorrence H. Green


Practical Handbook of Microbiology, Second Edition


Chapter 11 Mechanisms of Action of Antimicrobial Agents

Carmen E. DeMarco and Stephen A. Lerner


Chapter 12 .Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing

Audrey Wanger


Chapter 13 . Bacterial Cell Wall: Morphology and Biochemistry

Maxim Suvorov, Jed F. Fisher, and Shahriar Mobashery


Chapter 14. Bacterial Cell Breakage or Lysis

Matthew E. Bahamonde


Chapter 15 .Major Culture Collections and Sources


Lorrence H. Green


Chapter 16 . Epidemiological Methods in Microbiology

D. Ashley Robinson



Part II InformatIon on IndIvIdual genus and



Chapter 17 . The Family Enterobacteriaceae

J. Michael Janda and Sharon L. Abbott



Chapter 18 The Genus Pseudomonas

Norberto J. Palleroni



Chapter 19 .The Family Neisseriaceae

Yvonne A. Lue



Chapter 20 Microbiological and Clinical Aspects of the Pathogenic Spirochetes

Charles S. Pavia



Chapter 21 The Genus Vibrio and Related Genera

Rita R. Colwell and Jongsik Chun

Chapter 22 Staphylococcus aureus and Related Staphylococci

Olaf Schneewind and Dominique Missiakas



Chapter 23 The Genus Streptococcus

Vincent A. Fischetti and Patricia Ryan



Chapter 24 The Genus Bacillus


Daniel R. Zeigler and John B. Perkins



Chapter 25 The Genus Clostridium


Peter Dürre



Chapter 26 The Genus Corynebacterium


Lothar Eggeling and Michael Bott


Chapter 27 The Actinobacteria


Alan C. Ward and Nagamani Bora



Chapter 28 The Family Rickettsiaceae


Abdu F. Azad, Magda Beier-Sexton, and Joseph J. Gillespie


Chapter 29 Chlamydia

Lourdes G. Bahamonde



Chapter 30 Mycoplasma and Related Organisms


Meghan May, Robert F. Whitcomb, and Daniel R. Brown


Chapter 31 The Genus Mycobacteria


Vincent J. LaBombardi

Chapter 32 The Genus Legionella

Eva M. Campodonico and Craig R. Roy


Chapter 33 The Genus Haemophilus

Elisabeth E. Adderson



Chapter 34 The Genus Listeria

Sukhadeo Barbuddhe, Torsten Hain, and Trinad Chakraborty



Chapter 35 The Genus Campylobacter

Collette Fitzgerald, Jean Whichard, and Patricia I. Fields



Chapter 36 The Genus Helicobacter

Ernestine M. Vellozzi and Edmund R. Giugliano



Chapter 37 The Genus Yersinia

Susan E. Sharp



Chapter 38 The Genus Bordetella

Trevor H. Stenson and Mark S. Peppler



Chapter 39 Other Zoonotic Bacteria

Sanjay K. Shukla and Steven Foley



Chapter 40 Other Anaerobic Bacteria: Bacteroides, Porphyromonas, Prevotella, Tannerella,and Fusobacterium

Joseph J. Zambon and Violet I. Haraszthy




Chapter 41 Introduction to Archaea

Sarah T. Gross



Chapter 42 Overview of Biofilms and Some Key Methods for Their Study

Irvin N. Hirshfield, Subit Barua, and Paramita Basu


Chapter 43 Introduction to Bacteriophages

Elizabeth Kutter and Emanuel Goldman




Chapter 44 Phage Therapy: Bacteriophages as Natural, Self-Replicating Antimicrobials

Elizabeth Kutter




Chapter 45 Introduction to Parasites

Frederick L. Schuster


Chapter 46 Introduction to Yeasts

David H. Pincus



Chapter 47 Introduction to Virology

Ken S. Rosenthal




Survey of Selected Clinical, Commercial, and Research-Model Eubacterial



Compiled by Emanuel Goldman












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