Syllabus For The Subject Introduction to Food Technology - I


1: Status of food processing industry and future prospects

Introduction to food processing in India

Status of food processing industry abroad

Magnitude and interdependence of dairy and food industry

Magnitude and interdependence of dairy and food industry

Recent developments and future growth in the food industr


Module 2: Post-harvest management of fruits and vegetables

Harvesting, transportation and storage of fruits and vegetables

Post-harvest processing-I

Post-harvest processing –II


Module 3: Processing of fruits and vegetables

Canning and other methods of thermal processing

Freezing: Principle, methods and application

Drying: Principle, methods and application


Module 4: Fruits and vege

tables juice processing

General steps in juice processing

Equipment and methods of extraction, clarification and preservation

Processing of selected fruit juices-I

Processing of selected fruit juices –II

Concentration and drying of fruit juices


Module 5: Jam, jelly, marmalade, and glazed and crystallized fruit

Role of sugar and other ingredients in fruit preservation

Jam, Jelly and Marmalade

Fruit preserves

Glazed and crystallized fruits


Module 6: Tomato and tomato based products

Tomato juice extraction and juice characteristics

Tomato puree, paste, sauce and ketchup

Novel tomato products


Module 7: Beverages

Scope and classification of beverages

Additives for fruit-based beverages

Carbonated beverages

Fruit beverages and drink


Module 8: Tea

Tea-Introduction and classification


Tea leaf processing

Specialty tea products


Module 9: Coffee

Coffee: Types and characteristics

Coffee processing

Instant coffee 1


Module10: Pickles and sauerkrauts

Principles and classification

Technology of selected pickles -I

Technology of selected pickles -II


Module 11: Confectionery products

Principles and classification


Chewing gums and bubble gums

Toffees and caramels


Module 12: Cocoa and chocolate products

Cocoa bean processing

Chocolate liquor, cocoa butter and cocoa butter replacers/extenders

Chocolate products –I

Chocolate products –II


Module 13: Functional foods

Present and future scope of functional food

Phytochemicals in relation to human health

Milk ingredients as nutraceutical

Future of functional ingredients










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