Syllabus For The Subject Project Management and Entrepreneurship

 Project Management and Entrepreneurship


1 .Introduction

Purpose and Research Questions

Rationale of Research

Scope and Limitations

Structure of the Dissertation


2 Theory of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in Economic Theory

Anthropology of Entrepreneurship

Psychology of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in Organizational Management Theory

Entrepreneurial Orientation

Entrepreneurial Management

Corporate Venturing and Strategic Renewal

Corporate Entrepreneurship Strategy

Considering Entrepreneurship in Project Management


3 . The Concept of Entrepreneurial Project Management

Innovativeness in the EPM Concept

Autonomy in the EPM Concept

Risk-Taking in the EPM Concept

Proactiveness in the EPM Concept

Aggressiveness in the EPM Concept

Entrepreneurial Orientation of the EPM Concept

Entrepreneurial Management in the EPM Concept

Strategic Orientation and Commitment to Opportunity

Commitment and Control of Resources

Management Structure and Reward Philosophy

Growth Orientation and Entrepreneurial Culture

Entrepreneurial Management in the EPM Concept

Entrepreneurship Strategy in the EPM Concept

The Antecedents of EPM: Environmental Conditions

The Antecedents of EPM: Entrepreneurial Cognitions

The Elements of EPM

The Outcomes of EPM

Definition of EPM and Concept Scheme


4 Project Classification, Entrepreneurship Scale and Research Hypothes

Overview of Project Classification Framework

NTCP: Novelty

NTCP: Technology

NTCP: Complexity of Scope

NTCP: Pace

Project Entrepreneurship Scale



5 Research Method

Research Measures

Research Sample

Data Analysis Method

Transformation of Independent Factors


6 Research Results

Results for Project Manager’s Autonomy

Results for Project Governance

Results for Project Management Structure

Results for Project Resource Orientation

Results for Project Success Measures


7 Discussion and Conclusions

Discussing Hypotheses

Novelty Effect

Technology Effect

Pace Effect

Complexity Effect

Conclusions and Future Research



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