Syllabus For The Subject Consumer Electronics



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Chapter-1 The consumer electronics storage hierarchy

Objectives in this chapter


Growth in digital content drives storage growth

Economics of consumer devices

Rules for design of digital storage in consumer electronics

Classification of devices using storage in the home

Consumer electronics storage hierarchies

Multiple storage and hybrid storage devices

Chapter summary


Chapter-2 fundamentals of hard disk drives

Objectives in this chapter

Basic layout of a hard disk drive

Hard data is organized on a hard disk drive

Hard disk drive performance and reliability

Hard disk drive design for mobile and static consumer

Electronics applications

The cost of manufacturing a hard disk drive

Disk drive external interfaces

Hard disk drive technology development

Chapter summary


Chapter -3 Fundamentals of optical storage

Objectives in this chapter

Optical disc technologies

Basic operation of an optical disc drive

How data is organized on an optical disc

Optical disc form factors

Optical product reliability

Holographic recording

Optical disc storage development

Chapter summary



Chapter-4 fundamentals of flash memory and other solid state

Memory technologies

Objective in this chapter

Development and history of flash memory

Erasing ,writing, and reading flash memory

Difficulties that cause wear in flash memory

Common flash memory storage technologies :NOR and NAND

Bit errors in NAND flash

Managing wear in NAND and NOR

Bad block management

Embedded versus removable NAND flash

Flash memory file systems

Single  level cell and removable cell flash memory

Another approach to multilevel cells

Trade-offs with multilevel flash memory

Types of flash memory used in consumer electronics devices

Flash memory environmental sensitivity

Using memory reliability specifications to estimate product lifetime

Flash memory cell lifetimes and wear leveling algorithms

Expected change in cost per gigabyte of flash memory formats

Other solid state storage technologies

Chapter summary



Chapter-5 storage in home consumer electronics devices

Objectives in this chapter


Personal video recorders and digital video recorders

Home media center and home network storage

Chapter summary


Chapter -6 Storage in mobile consumer electronics devices

Objectives in this chapter


Automobile consumer electronics storage

Mobile media players

Cameras and camcorders

Mobile phones

Other consumer devices

Chapter summary


Chapter -7 Integration of storage in consumer devices

Objectives in this chapter


Storage costs in consumer products design

Development of common product design

Intelligence of digital storage in consumer electronics

Matching storage to different applications

The convergence of electronics-when the storage becomes

Device-or was it the other way around ?

Road maps for consumer electronics application integration in

Storage devices

Chapter summary


Chapter -8 development of home network storage and home

Storage virtualization

Objectives in this chapter


What drives home networking trends?

 Networking options in the home

Push versus pull market for home networks

Home networks for media sharing

Home networks for personal reference data backup

Projections for home network storage

Design of network storage devices

Advanced home storage virtualization

Home network storage and content sharing within the home

Privacy, content protection, and sharing in home network storage

Chapter summary



Chapter-9 The future of home digital storage

Objectives in this chapter

Digital storage requirements for home data sharing and social


Integrated multiple purpose devices versus dedicated devices

Physical content distribution versus downloads and streaming    

Personal memory assistants

Digital storage in everything

Home storage utility-when all storage devices are coordinated

Digital storage in future consumer electronics

Projections for storage demands in new applications

Digital storage as our cultural heritage

Chapter summary


Chapter-10 Standards for consumer electronics storage

Objective in this chapter

Digital storage standards

Consumer product standards

Home networking standards

Needed standards for future consumer electronics development Protection Status