DBA Distance education NIMT

Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) through Distance

The Objective of the Diploma in Business Administration is to Increase the knowledge about business Administration. The People who need to know best or easy ways to handle their business.

Here are the principal reasons for qualifying for this certificate:

  • Having acquired a diploma helps you to stay engaged.
  • It enhances the chances of earning further money.
  • Your employer believes that you won't intellectual doing surplus impact, and thus enhances your procession.
  • It offers you some opportunities for learning new, rich skills that help you in your greet job

 Why DBA Distance Education is mostly opted by working guys

There are more of us who remain employed with the acquaint job at hand, patch ambitious to move onwards in our progression, and many of us wouldn't manage flatbottomed dynamic the presently chosen progress. Past studies inform that the most motivating calculate for people to learn more is calling enhancement.Who do not have enough time to spend three years on degree but want to improve their business skills and with the help of distance education they can handle their business with contact classes simultaneously.

All passed out students refer Diploma in Business Administration course as professional or career development study, so mid-career guys get ready to enhance your professional development needs.

NIMT - Neptune Institute of Management and Technology offer Diploma in Business Administraion through Distance Education mode.


Course Code : Business Administration
Course Duration Fast-Track : 6  Months
Duration Normal : 12  Months
Semester/Year/Session : 1  Year
Course Fee : Rs. 11700 /Year
Exam Fee : Rs. 0  /Year
Study Material Fee : Rs. 0  /Year
Specialization : Yes  List of Specialization
Eligibility : 10th or equivalent with experience

List of Specializations

Sr. No.SpecializationsSyllabus
1 Finance Management Syllabus
2 Banking Management Syllabus
3 Taxation Management Syllabus
4 Hospitality Management Syllabus
5 Human Resource Management Syllabus
6 Operation Management Syllabus
7 Purchase & Sales Management Syllabus
8 Information Technology Syllabus
9 Telecome Management Syllabus
10 Marketing Management Syllabus
11 Export-Import Management Syllabus
12 Media Management Syllabus
13 International Business Management Syllabus
14 Clinical Research Management Syllabus
15 System Management Syllabus
16 Production Management Syllabus
17 Total Quality Management Syllabus
18 Applied Management Syllabus
19 E- Business Syllabus
20 E-Commerce Syllabus
21 Retail Management Syllabus
22 Materials Management Syllabus
23 Supply Chain Management Syllabus
24 Warehouse Management Syllabus
25 Hospital Management Syllabus
26 Safety & Risk Management Syllabus
27 Hospital Management Syllabus
28 Investment Management Syllabus
29 Cyber Law Management Syllabus
30 Hotel Management Syllabus
31 Store Management Syllabus
32 Textile Management Syllabus
33 Bakery & Confectionery Syllabus
34 Fire Safety Syllabus
35 Fire Safety Syllabus
36 Industrial Safety Management Syllabus
37 Financial Accounting Syllabus
38 Hotel Mgt. Syllabus
39 Store Mgt. Syllabus
40 Textile Mgt. Syllabus
41 Health, Safety and Environment Management Syllabus
42 Administration Management Syllabus
43 Logistics Management Syllabus

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