EMBA - Executive Master Program in Business Administration through Distance

EMBA | Executive MBA - master in business Administration distance education


Executive MBA Distance Education qualification is called as Executive Masters Program in Business Administration. It is called an executive program because it is meant for people who have worked for some time in the industry as managers. 


Which area it is used

This is used in the area of business administration. It helps graduates to get jobs in companies in which their colleagues or batch mates are working. Jobs are got by promotion of networking through online MBA classes, virtual group meetings and finally exams.


Future prospects

All executive MBA programs whether via distance learning have a bright future due to the flexibility of learning at your own pace after getting some supervisory experience in the industry.


Course as a career

This is an apt course for all those working executives who cannot leave their jobs but at the same time would like to enhance their skills for further growth in their careers.


Why this course

This course helps participants earn and learn at the same time. Experienced graduates are always preferred in the industry. NIMT - Neptune Institute of Management and Technology offer EMBA Distance Education Program through Distance Education mode.

Course Code : Business Administration
Course Duration Fast-Track : 6  Months
Duration Normal : 12  Months
Semester/Year/Session : 1  Year
Course Fee : Rs. 31700 /Year
Exam Fee : Rs. 0  /Year
Study Material Fee : Rs. 0  /Year
Specialization : Yes  List of Specialization
Eligibility : Graduate / BBA with 5 years experience

List of Specializations

Sr. No.SpecializationsSyllabus
1 Finance Management Syllabus
2 Banking Management Syllabus
3 Taxation Management Syllabus
4 Hospitality Management Syllabus
5 Human Resource Management Syllabus
6 Operation Management Syllabus
7 Purchase & Sales Management Syllabus
8 Information Technology Syllabus
9 Telecome Management Syllabus
10 Marketing Management Syllabus
11 Export-Import Management Syllabus
12 Media Management Syllabus
13 International Business Management Syllabus
14 Clinical Research Management Syllabus
15 System Management Syllabus
16 Production Management Syllabus
17 Total Quality Management Syllabus
18 Applied Management Syllabus
19 E- Business Syllabus
20 E-Commerce Syllabus
21 Retail Management Syllabus
22 Materials Management Syllabus
23 Supply Chain Management Syllabus
24 Warehouse Management Syllabus
25 Hospital Management Syllabus
26 Safety & Risk Management Syllabus
27 Investment Management Syllabus
28 Cyber Law Management Syllabus
29 Travel and Tourism Management Syllabus
30 Construction Management Syllabus

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