D.E. - Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from NIMT through Distance Education mode

D.E. - Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Distance Education


The Diploma in EEE also called as Diploma in Electrical and electronics engineering by distance education mode is a course that teaches students the nitty gritty about electrical and electronic circuits and their working.


Which area it is used

Graduates from this program invariably get entry level technical jobs in IT companies, manufacturing companies, semiconductor factories, etc.


Future Prospects

Future prospects for diploma holders from this industry are very bright with new technology being discovered everyday and new requirements for people coming up almost every minute.


Course as a career

A graduate from this field is required to work in the developing, supervising, designing, testing and production of electrical and electronic machinery and equipments.


Why this course

This course equips students with in-depth knowledge about the make, working and maintenance of various electrical and electronic circuits in various technological devices.

NIMT - Neptune Institute of Management and Technology offer Diploma program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering through Distance Education mode.

Course Code : E.E.
Course Duration Fast-Track : 36  Months
Duration Normal : 12  Months
Semester/Year/Session : 3  Year
Course Fee : Rs. 8566 /Year
Exam Fee : Rs. 1750  /Year
Study Material Fee : Rs. 1000  /Year
Specialization : No  
Eligibility : 10th With 2Yrs. Experience


Sr. No.Subject NameSyllabusSem./Sess./Year
1 Engineering Mathematics Syllabus 1
2 Elements of Electrical Engineering Syllabus 1
3 Engineering Physics Syllabus 1
4 Basic Electronics Syllabus 1
5 Linear Control System Syllabus 2
6 Electrical Measurements & Instrumentation Syllabus 2
7 Electronic Communication Syllabus 2
8 Electric Circuit Theory (Network) Syllabus 2
9 Electronic Devices & Circuit Syllabus 3
10 Engg. Electromagnetic Field Theory Syllabus 3
11 Control System Syllabus 3
12 Digital Electronics Syllabus 3
13 PROJECT Syllabus 3

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