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Diploma in Information Technology is a one year diploma programme in Information Technology. The main objective of this course is to equipped students with the technical knowledge required for an Information Technology environment. In this course student can develop skills in understanding IT applications, understanding of fundamental concepts of computer programming, OS, Internet and other IT skills which is required to work in banking sectors and MNCs.


Eligibility Criteria:


For applying to the DIT (Diploma in Information Technology) course, a candidate should have passed 10+2 with Mathematics/equivalent from a state board. 


Current Status of DIT at National & International Level:


In last few decades Information Technology was chosen as a career by many of students in India. Currently IT(Information Technology) is required in all fields for example Medical, Transport, Automobile, Banking sector etc. Information Technology is a broad term that includes all aspects of processing and managing information/data and related technologies. IT professionals are responsible for developing, designing, and maintaining computer hardware/software, and computer networks, including Internet. The applications of information Technologies can be found everywhere. IT is likely a part of our life. Example of IT software’s are banking software, MIS, automation software etc.


Effects of Information Technology and use to the society:


IT involves everywhere in our daily personal and professional life. IT is used in every step of our routine. World as well as India needs more and more researchers in Information Technology to get solutions of daily coming problems and challenges/risks and new innovations in Computer Science like healthcare, cyber security, business market, border Safety and security, power insufficiency,  and telecommunication barriers etc. IT will make us able to understand, live and get solutions of our daily real life problems.


Scope of Information Technology:


There is a wide scope of Diploma in Information Technology students at both national and international level. Students can go for further studies to pursue Bachelor, Master, M.Phil. And Ph.D., also they can be enrolled in many of researches. DIT students also required and referred in Business firms , as information technology gives a computations, speedy , logical, result oriented approach to students to understand any problem and to get and solutions of same also a powerful decision making sense.


So IT is a good career program and students may have good career opportunities after having diploma in Information Technology. There are many universities, colleges and institutes providing many courses in IT in India and out of India.

Course Code : I.T.
Course Duration Fast-Track : 12  Months
Duration Normal : 36  Months
Semester/Year/Session : 3  Year
Course Fee : Rs. 8566 /Year
Exam Fee : Rs. 1750  /Year
Study Material Fee : Rs. 1000  /Year
Specialization : No  
Eligibility : 10th With 2Yrs. Experience


Sr. No.Subject NameSyllabusSem./Sess./Year
1 Fundamental for IT Professional Syllabus 1
2 Computers & Operating Systems Syllabus 1
3 Fundamentals of Programming Syllabus 1
4 Computing Mathematics Syllabus 1
5 Web Publishing Syllabus 1
6 Networking Fundamentals Syllabus 1
7 Object Oriented Programming Syllabus 1
8 User Interface Design Syllabus 1
9 Enterprise Information Systems Syllabus 1
10 Data Bases Syllabus 2
11 Object Oriented Analysis & Design Syllabus 2
12 Developing Web Application Syllabus 2
13 Basic Animation Syllabus 2
14 Advanced Animation Syllabus 2
15 Audio & Video Fundamental & Editing Syllabus 2
16 C Programming Syllabus 2
17 Client-Server Programming Syllabus 2
18 Project Management Syllabus 2
19 PROJECT Syllabus 3
20 Game Programming Syllabus 3
21 Additional Mathematics-1 Syllabus 3
22 Additional Mathematics-2 Syllabus 3
23 Advanced Statistics & Pure Mathematics Syllabus 3
24 Data Structure & Algorithms Syllabus 3

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