MCA - Master-program in Computer Application through Distance Education

MCA - Master in Computer Application through Distance Education


A Masters qualification in Computer Application through distance education ensures one an entry level supervisory level job in the IT industry. The IT industry welcomes candidates with a specialization in computer applications.

Which area it is used

Candidates having a master’s qualification are specialists in the field and they are considered at par with an MBA in systems engineering. Candidates can work at entry level supervisory jobs in the IT industry

Future Prospects

With the tremendous developments occurring in the IT industry, jobs for students with this qualification will always be in demand.

Course as a career

A career in this field allows students to work at various levels in the IT industry in diversified organizations. Future growth is ensured with a master’s qualifications.

Why this course

A master’s qualification in the above field ensures rapid vertical growth up the hierarchy in an IT department of a diversified company.

Cities we are located in India:

Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Lucknow etc. NIMT - Neptune Institute of Management and Technology offer MCA  Distance Education Course in India.

Course Code : MCA
Course Duration Fast-Track : 12  Months
Duration Normal : 36  Months
Semester/Year/Session : 3  Year
Course Fee : Rs. 18350 /Year
Exam Fee : Rs. 0  /Year
Study Material Fee : Rs. 0  /Year
Specialization : No  
Eligibility : Graduate / BCA (With Experiance)


Sr. No.Subject NameSyllabusSem./Sess./Year
1 Principles of Management Syllabus 1
2 Internet Data Base Syllabus 1
3 Comp. Networks Software Syllabus 1
4 Multimedia Web Syllabus 1
5 Oracle 9i Syllabus 1
6 C++ Syllabus 1
7 Operating Systems Syllabus 2
8 Software Project Management Syllabus 2
9 Business Systems & Application Syllabus 2
10 Statistics and Numerical Techniques Syllabus 2
11 Application Visual Syllabus 2
12 Java 2 Syllabus 2
13 C# Syllabus 2
14 PROJECT Syllabus 2

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