D.E. - Metallurgy Diploma In Metallurgy Engineering Distance Education

diploma in metallurgy engineering distance education in india

Metallurgy Engineering is one in which all sorts of metals are deal with. It deals with refining, extracting and recycling the metals. Its engineers convert metals into the useful products for society as a whole. They are taught to solve the problems such as maintaining heat levels, reducing corrosion and increasing the strength of a metal. This technique is very helpful in transportation, healthcare, entertainment industry, defense and in various fields. Metallurgical engineers are working in lots of industries and work for companies produce, refine, distribute and manufacture metals. As metals are used in almost every industry there are opportunities in both small and large companies.

Course Code : Metallurgy
Course Duration Fast-Track : 12  Months
Duration Normal : 36  Months
Semester/Year/Session : 3  Year
Course Fee : Rs. 8566 /Year
Exam Fee : Rs. 1750  /Year
Study Material Fee : Rs. 1650  /Year
Specialization : No  
Eligibility : 10th With 2Yrs. Experience


Sr. No.Subject NameSyllabusSem./Sess./Year
1 Engineering Mathematics 1A/1B Syllabus 1
2 Materials Technology Syllabus 1
3 Engineering Drawing/CADD Syllabus 1
4 Engineering Mechanics Syllabus 1
5 Manufacturing Technology Syllabus 1
6 Electronics & Electrical Principles Syllabus 1
7 Metallurgy and Quality Control Syllabus 1
8 Automation Systems Syllabus 2
9 Manufacturing Information Systems Syllabus 2
10 3D Mould Design & Plastic Processes Syllabus 2
11 Thermofluids Syllabus 2
12 Quality Process Control & Management Syllabus 2
13 Mechanical & Fixture Design Syllabus 2
14 Microfabrication & Nanotechnology Syllabus 2
15 Shopfloor Monitoring & Control Syllabus 3
16 Advanced Metrology & TQM Syllabus 3
17 Integrated CAM & CNC Technology Syllabus 3
18 Product Innovation & Rapid Prototyping Syllabus 3
19 PROJECT Syllabus 3

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