B.E. - Bachelor Program in Textile Engineering from NIMT through Distance Education

B.E. - Textile Engineering Distance Education

Textile engineering is the engineering which implements processing and production of fabric and yarns of textile fibres. The clothes we wear are basic needs and are the contribution of textile engineering. With the increase in dressing fashion, textile engineering has emerged to play a big role in economic development. A textile engineer is able to design, control, the textiles, raw materials used and the finished products. Textile engineering, a discipline, is innovative in nature because of its scientific realm. Under this discipline a student learns different types of fibres, natural as well as synthetic. Students can admit them in this discipline under distance learning education program and after completion, there are scopes to get job in textile industries.

NIMT - Neptune Institute of Management and Technology offer Bachelor Program in Textile Engineering through Distance Education mode.

Course Code : Textile
Course Duration Fast-Track : 12  Months
Duration Normal : 48  Months
Semester/Year/Session : 2  Sessions
Course Fee : Rs. 18350 /Sessions
Exam Fee : Rs. 2500  /Sessions
Study Material Fee : Rs. 2500  /Sessions
Specialization : No  
Eligibility : Diploma/ 10+2 (With Experiance)


Sr. No.Subject NameSyllabusSem./Sess./Year
1 Engineering Mathematics Syllabus 1
2 Material Science Syllabus 1
3 Strength of Materials Syllabus 1
4 Non Conventional Energy Sources Syllabus 1
5 Computer aided drafting & drawing(with Basic Compu Syllabus 1
6 Engineering Mathematics & Statistics Syllabus 2
7 Mechanical Engineering Syllabus 2
8 Textile Physics and Fabric Design & Analysis Syllabus 2
9 Thermal Engineering & Electronics Syllabus 2
10 Yarn Manufacture Syllabus 2
11 Fabric Manufacture Syllabus 2
12 Textile Physics and Industrial Textiles Syllabus 2
13 Maintenance and Process Control for Jute Industry Syllabus 2
14 Management, Mill Planning & Organization Syllabus 2
15 Quality Management and Numerical Syllabus 2
16 Advanced Mechanical Processing of Jute and Other Fibres Syllabus 2
17 Textile Science Syllabus 2
18 Engineering Design of Textile Products and Instrum Syllabus 2
19 Environmental and Industrial Engineering Syllabus 2
20 Man-Made Fibres and Textile Chemical Processing Syllabus 2
21 PROJECT Syllabus 2

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