Syllabus For The Subject Managerial Economics

Unit I
Scope of Managerial Economics, Demand Anabasis, Basic concepts, Tools for Demand
Forecasting, Use of Business Indicators, Elasticity Concepts.

Unit II
Cost and Production Functions, Short and Long run Cost functions, Cost – Price output
Relations, Input – Output Analysis.

Unit III
Market Structure – Pricing and output General Equi9librium, Perfect Composition and
Monopolistic Competition.

Unit IV
Nature and Scope of Macro Economic Issues :
Circular Flow of Income – National Income Concept – Methods of Measuring National
Income – Difficulties in Measuring National Income – The Role Economics Planning – Indian
Economic Planning.

Unit V
Analysis of External Sector :
International Trade – The Role of Trade Policy – Balance of Payments – Analysis of
Performance of India Economy in External Sector. Protection Status
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