Syllabus For The Subject Foundation Course for Science & Technology

Module on Essentials of Public Administration
• Essentials of Administration
• Bureaucracy
• Organizational Structure of Government
• Inter departmental coordination
• Role and responsibilities of a civil servant


Administrative Environment
• Administration and the Citizen
• Corruption
• Relationship between Civil Servants and Political Executive
• Role of media
• Role of NGO's


Skills for Administrators
• Noting and Drafting techniques in Government and Maintenance of files
• Conducting effective meetings
• Time Management
• Report writing
• Making presentations
• Public speaking
• Delegation of work


Module on administrative Ethics and obligations of public servants
Personnel Administration
Financial Administration
• General Financial Rules
• Government Budget
• Role of audit

• Performance Audit


Module on Development, Welfare and Social Administration
• Health
• Education
• Problems of the Differently abled
• Issues Relating to weaker sections
• Rural Development Schemes
• Social Welfare Schemes
• Gender Issues
• Participatory Approaches


Module on E-Governance
• E-Governance Policy Framework
• Successful applications in Government
Decentralization and local Government
Issues impacting on administration
• National Security
• Issues relating to North East, Islands and other remote areas
• Emerging Technologies - Biotechnology
• Environmental Issues and sustainable development
• Science and Technology in India Protection Status