Syllabus For The Subject Technology of Fruits, Veg. & Plantation crops

 Technology of Fruits, Veg. & Plantation crops

Chapter I: Status Of Horticulture

Horticulture Redefined

Status Of Horticulture Industry In India

Status Of Fruit Crops

Status Of Vegetable Crops

Status Of Mushrooms

Status Of Spice Crops

Status Of Ornamental Crops

Status Of Medicinal And Aromatic Crops

Status Of Plantation Crops



Chapter II: Horticultural Research


Research Infrastructure

Varieties Developed

Improved Propagation methods

Micro propagation


Improved Production Technologies

Use Of Plant  Bio-Regulators

Canopy management


Protected Cultivation

High High Density

Standardization of Rootstocks

Use of INM and biofertilisers  

Use Of Bio-Control agents

Micro-irrigation & fertigation 

Protected Cultivation


Plant Protection, IPM and Pesticide Residues

Post Harvest management


Major Crop Specific problems

Plan Thrust Areas of Research


Chapter III: Horticulture Development

History and Infrastructure

Budgetary Allocation

Programmes and progress


Chapter IV: Planting Material


Propagation Methods In Horticultural Crops

Existing Infrastructure

Status Of Nurseries In The Country

Seed Act And Nurseries Registration Act

Major Initiative by states

X Plan Programmes

Certification Mechanism For Plant Material

Constraints In Development Of Planting Material

Projections For XI Plan

Budget Allocation for Creating Facilities under

Planting Material During XI Plan


Chapter V: Horticulture Biotechnology


Micropropagation Industry in India

Other Biotechnology initiatives

Programmes under national  horticulture mission

Programmes Proposed For XI Plan

Financial Outlay For Horticultural Biotechnological R&D

During XI Plan


Chapter VI: High-Tech Interventi ons


High Density planting

Use of Plastics In Horticulture

Integrated Nutrient Management

Integrated Pest And Disease Management

Precision Farming


Chapter VII: Organic Farming


Organic Programme And Performance During X Plan

Other Schemes On Organic Horticulture And Plantations

Organic Farming During XI Plan

Implementation Mechanism


Chapter VIII: Post Harvest Management


Post Harvest losses

Causes Of Post Harvest Losses

Status Of Post-Harvest Infrastructure

Interventions To Combat Post Harvest Losses

Ripening Requirements

Supply Chain Management

Value Added products

Governmental Initiatives

Policy Intervention

Suggested Modifications

Human Resources Development

Technology transfer


Chapter IX: Marketing

Present Marketing Structure

Strategy For Agricultural marketing

Progress Of Reforms In Agricultural Markets

Policy Interventions

Suggested Modifications In The Existing Schemes/ Proposed

And New Schemes For The XI Five Year Plan

Infrastructure Proposed


Chapter X: Exports, Imports and WTO




Budget Requirement


Chapter XI: Technology Transfer


Status Of Extension System And Programmes

Small And Marginal Farmers And Women In Horticulture

Constraints In Technology Dissemination

Strategies For Revitalizing Transfer Of Technology System In Horticulture

Capacity Building For Technology Utilization

Specific Recommendations

Budget Requirement


Chapter XII: Human Resource Development In Horticulture

Human Resource Development

Horticulture Information System And Database



Chapter XIII: Horticultural Database


Present Status Of Horticultural Data

Reliability of data

Constraints For Data Collection And Compilation

Remedial Measures

Proposals For Xi plan


Chapter XIV: Risk Management, Credit And Public Private Investment

Risk Management


Public Private investment


Chapter XV : Eleventh Plan Programmes, Budget And Plocy Issues


Recommendation On X Plan Programmes

Policy issues


Summary Of Total Outlay For Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-12)


Chapter XVI : Organisational Reforms


Present organizational structure

Constraints In The Present Organisational Structure

Suggestions For Organizational Reforms


 Protection Status