Syllabus For The Subject English – II

1) To encourage the students to speak English
2) To enable students to use English in day-to-day communication
3) To build up their confidence in the usage of English
4) To expose them to light prose and poetry
5) To develop their written communicative competence
Textbook entitled ‘Prism: Spoken and Written Communication, Prose & Poetry’ published by
Orient Longman


1) The Bet – Anton Chekov
2) Socrates and the Schoolmaster
3) An Astrologer’s Day
4) The Gift of the Magi
5) With the Photographer
6) Speech on Indian Independence


1) The Felling of the Banyan Tree
2) Stay Calm
3) On Television –
4) Say Not the Struggle Naught Availeth
5) No Men are Foreign
6) Abou Ben Adhem


Spoken Communication:
1) Meeting People, Exchanging Greetings and Taking Leave
2) Introducing Yourself

3) Introducing People to Others
4) Giving Personal Information
5) Talking about People and Places
6) Answering the Telephone and Asking for Someone
7) Dealing with a Wrong Number
8) Taking and Leaving Messages
9) Making Inquiries on the Phone
10) Calling for Help in an Emergency
11) Getting People’s Attention and Interrupting
12) Giving Instructions and Seeking Clarifications
13) Making Requests and Responding to Requests
14) Asking for Directions and Giving Directions
15) Thanking Someone and Responding to Thanks
16) Inviting and Accepting and Refusing an Invitation
17) Apologizing and Responding to an Apology
18) Congratulating and Responding to Congratulations
19) Paying Compliments, Showing Appreciation, Offering Encouragement and
Responding to them
20) Asking for, Giving and Refusing Permission


Written Communication:
1) Summarizing
2) Note Making and Note Taking Protection Status
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