Syllabus For The Subject Sewage and Waste Disposal






Basic literature


1 Humans and their waste products-historical aspects

Form prehistoric times to the 19th century

The 19th century –a turning point in the history

Of waste processing

The city of zurich-an example of the swiss way

The city of bern-an alternative approach

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2 Waste management :system boundaries


Waste management


How waste is generated

Treatment of waste

Final storage/dumping of residues in the ecological system

Laws and others in Switzerland and in Europe

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3 Origin composition and quantity of solid MSW and

Sludge type waste

Where does waste originate

Components of refuse

Quantity of waste in our civilization

Other continents

The correlations between economy and ecology

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4 Categorisation of MSW

How are definitions for categories of waste obtained

How to determine the quantity and composition of MSW

Material flow analysis and life cycle assessment

MSW matrix

Obtaining an MSW matrix from the production

And consumer behavior data

Obtaining an MSW matrix from the direct analyses of waste

Obtaining an MSW matrix by analyzing

The products obtained after waste treatment

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5 Waste treatment and reutilsing collection


Energy considerations

Collection and transport of waste

Waste recycling :the city of zurich’s policy and procedure

The proprietary dual system of DSD Inc In Germany

Current situation for recycling materials in Switzerland

And in Europe

Avoiding waste: the better product

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6 Thermal treatment of municipal solid waste

Incineration and pyrolysis

Storage and preparation of waste for incineration plants

Processes occurring during incineration

Architecture of a waste incineration plant

Material and energy balance of MSW incineration

Firing performance control

Pyrolysis and smoulder processing of MSW

The thermo select process

Annex: derivation of the combustion equations

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7 Flue gas cleaning


The historical development of flue gas cleaning

Technically viable options for flue gas cleaning equipments

Mechanical precipitators

Electrostatic precipitators

Wet precipitators

Combined equipments

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8 Flue gas cleaning and residue handling

In MSW incineration plants

Criteria for satisfactory waste-incineration flue gas cleaning

Dry and semi dry flue gas cleaning systems

Wet flue gas cleaning systems

Nitrogen oxide precipitation

Dioxin (TCDD) and

Furan (TCDF) problem constellation

Waste water treatment

Chemo-physical treatment CPT of

MSW incineration residues

Thermal treatment of MSW incineration residues

Bibliography treatment of MSW incineration residues

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9 Waste disposal as final storage-and the swiss solution

Historical and political aspects

The technical wastes order TVA

TVA landfill types

Requirements for dumps by TVA

The problem of contaminated sites

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10 Compositing

Historical and political aspects of compositing

In Switzerland

The rotting process –a natural precedent

Aerobic and anaerobic rotting

Equipments for compositing and fermentation

Components of a combination between composting

And fermentation

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11 Hazardous waste

Historical and political aspects

Hazardous wastes in the canton zurich

Batteries as hazardous waste

Treatment of hazardous waste

The chemical-physical  treatment plant (CPT)

Hazardous waste incineration


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12 Sewage sludges

Historical aspects of human settlement’s waste water

The swiss solution using the example

Of the city of zurich

Practical solutions to the sludge problem

Product specific sludge-recycling in the cement industry

Use of sludge energy-incineration with MSW

Use of sludge energy-the fluidized  bed combustion

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13 Economic aspects :how much does our waste cost us

General considerations

Investment and operating costs

Of a MSW incineration plant

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General abbreviations and acronyms

Commercial organizations ,abbreviations and definitions

Geography elements and compounds

Technical abbreviations and definitions









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