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1  On the synonymy of bucephalapsis confuses

Verma,1936 and bucephalapsis minimus verma,

1936 with bucephalopsis magnum verma,1936

-Anita jha, harishchandra Prasad sah

And punam sahay


2  Threat to food quality of microbial origin

Hemla Aggarwal and brijesh gupta


3  Endangered species of bandhavgarh region

With special references to mammals

-Usha awasthi and surendra mishra


4  seasonal variations in the fat contents of duthiersia fimbriata from the alimentary canal of caloles versicolor

-sanjay kumar,S.N. singh, smita anand and purshottam  Prasad


5  Length-weight relationship in the catfish

Clupisoma bastari

-bhowate ,C.S. and mulgir M.T:


Second II



6  Relative abundance of spotted sugar ant,

Camponotous maculates fabricus amongst

Various ant populations of hatia, ranchi

Renu kumara. Mahemdra Prasad and P.N. panday



7  Ecotypes of tasar silkworm in relation to their

Biological manifestation :an over view

-K.B. Sharma and krishneshwar Sharma


8  Effect of additional food on the consumption

Of foliage and oxygen by the larvae, pupae

And moths of antheraea mylitta D.

A.K. tripathi sukarna deb and shivani


9   Soil insect biodiversity and its role in the

Nutrient dynamics: A case study of taimara


-B.K. sinha and kavita choudhary


10  Biology of common emigrant catopsilia

Crocale on cassia siamea

Sarabjeet kaur reen and  baldev Sharma  


11   The role of soil insect biodiversity in

soil fertility :A sase study of dry deciduous

forest of kharkhand ,India .

-B.K. sinha ,kavita choudhary and madhusudan mahto


12  Dacus dorsalis a serious pest of guava in jammu (J&K)

-J.S. tara baldev Sharma and rita Sharma


                       SECTION III

Ecology and environmental biology


13  Disappearance of molluscan shellfishes from

Manakkudy estuary ,west goast of India

-N. arumugam and P. natarajan     


14   Effect of physical factors on the insect catches

Of four orders in jammu

-J.S/ tara, baldev Sharma and seema bamba


15   Seasonal effects on the reeling performances

Of tasar cocoons in antheraea mylitta

-md.abdul qadir jilane sarfaraz ali and

K.B Sharma


16  On the  environment and biodiversity of

 Insects with special reference to aphids

In India

L.K ghosh


17  A review of zooplankton status of sone

River in shahdol district near bansagar dam

Usha awasthi and sikarwar santosh singh

                            SECTION IV

                  AQUATIC BIOLOGY

18  Is third world war enevitable for water

Crisis in the 21st century ?

B.N. pandey


19   Fresh  water turtle population with reference

To water quality status of river saryu at

Ayodhya ,Faridabad

-G.C. pandey


20   On the species diversity of bellamya in the

Lower reaches of the river subernarekha

And their uses by local people

-S.R. pal, M.C. mahata and P.N. Pandey 


21   Development of sustainable aquaculture

Technology for inland saline groundwater

Role of periphyton

-S.K. garg


22   Ichthyofauna of paithan reservoir

 in Aurangabad district of marathwada

region, Maharashtra state

-C.J. hiware and R.T. pawar


23   Size of related variations in the food and

feeding habits of Himalayan mahseer

inhabiting jhajjar stream ,jammu

-M.K. jyoti,k.gupta and jyoti kapoor

           Section V

Toxicology and physiology


24  Hepatoxicity of endosufan on albino rats

-geeta bansal,lalita Sharma, smrithi Sharma and

Chandra dutt Sharma


25   Toxicity of mercuric chloride, copper

Sulphate and zinc sulphate to an earthworm

Perionyx excawatus

-V.V. vadiya and G.K. kulkarni


26 qualitative and quantitative analysis of copper

And nickel in liver and kidney of labeo rohita

And Yamuna river at tej city,agra

-pushpendra tiwari and prabhu N. saxena


27   Histopathological changes in the stomach of

Freshwater fish garra mullya exposed to

Extract to theventia nerifolia and datura innoxia

-P.D. patil, V.R. barane and B.R. shinde

28 Dutura innoxia and theventia nerifolia induced

Behavioural changes in the fish garra mullya

-V.R. borane,B.R. shinde and R.D. patil


29  Effect of cadmium toxicity on biochemical

Composition of a freshwater fish rasbora daniconius

-Monica k. kale, P.P. joshi and G.K kulkarni


               Section VI

Experimental biology


30  Effect of leaf extract of tylophora inidca on

Testicular gametogenic activities.

-geeta bansal,smriti Sharma, S.K. Sharma and

Lalita Sharma


31  Effect of dimethoate on gill and kidney

Functioning in thynnichtyes sandkol

-P.M. davne, Y.K. khillare ,D.l. sonawane, and



32  Study of antifertility effect of alcoholic extract

Of malva vircus conzatti greenm in male

Albino rats

-N .singh,M. chauhan and A. shisodia


34  Plant and plant products used as hypolipidaemic

/anti other osclerotic agents

An overview

-suresh C. joshi


35  Effect of plant extract on the

Reproductive potential of mutant drosophila

Melanogaster meigen

Influence of age at the time treatment

-S.S. choudhary


36  Snail borne fluke infection of veterinary

Importance in Andhra Pradesh

-Md. Hafeez







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