Syllabus For The Subject Electrical Engineering Materials




Chapter-1 Introduction to Eng. Materials

Chapter -2 Metal Structure and Bounding in Materials

Chapter-3 General Properties of Engineering Materials

Chapter-4 Materials Testing

Chapter-5 Surface Hardening of Steel

Chapter-6 Phase Equilibrium Diagrams

Chapter-7 Heat treatment of carbon steel

Chapter-8 Cast Iron

Chapter-9 Alloy Steels

Chapter-10 Metal Cutting

Chapter-11 Non -Ferrous Materials

Chapter-12 Polymers & Plastics

Chapter-13 Corrosion & Its Prevention

Chapter-14 Ceramics

Chapter-15 Deformation in Metals

Chapter-16 The industrial shaping of metals

Chapter-17 Composite materials

Chapter- 18 Welding

Chapter-19 Modes of Failure Analysis Protection Status
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