Quality And Policy

We at Neputne Institute of Management & Technology (NIMT) are committed to making the institute a centre of excellence of Mangement & Technology, learning & to carrying out research, consultancy and training for fulfilling the needs and expectations of students, parents, business and society at large. We aim to do this with a high degree of social sensitivity through innovation and continual :

  • Nurturing of talent and building a learning environment to promote creativity and leadership.
  • Improvement of course curriculum through educational research and dialogue with business enterprises characterized by significance, relevance, excellence and regore.
  • Building of international linkages with business, universities and institute of repute for global prospective and standards.
  • Commitment to personal and professional development of individual (staff, students & faculties) over their entire career.
  • Imbibing of state-of-the-art technology and improvement of infrastructure conductive to excellence in learning.
  • Reviewing of institutional and process by involvement of faculty, students and staff.
  • Supporting of a thriving and vibrant research community with an experiences staff to enhance the quality of education. Provided to students through continuous research and development.
  • Proving a comfortable learning environment in a world class campus where new ideas rejuvenate you.
  • Giving the students an opportunity to discuss and understand business challenges and address them through insides provided by unbiased team of experts.
  • Imparting eduction and training through the creation, utilization and dissemination of knowledge by focussing on application of management concepts in a diversified manner.

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