Vinayaka Missions University(VMU)

Vinayaka Missions University

Vinayaka Missions University was established in the year 2001 and aims at spreading education amongst the students of national and global levels. The University had changed and developed a lot starting from 1982 with a pharmacy college and it has now 27 institutions in Tamilnadu and Pondicherry. It is one of the renowned universities in the field of distance education.The academic atmosphere of the University helps every student to achieve their best in their respectivefield of specialization. About 15,000 students are studying in various colleges of the University and pass out successfully every year in the respective field o specialization.


The university is a very good option for all those individuals who have discontinued their education due to some reasons. The courses, efficient faculty,highly qualified technical teachers will help the students in shaping for a bright future ahead.The university is a ray of hope for all those places who stays in geographically remote places and have problems in pursuing higher education.The university values the growth of each and every student and age is no bar for the higher distance education.Each and every human being be a peasant,serviceman, housewife everyone can select their field of specialization and thus study according to their own convenient time.The university’s distance learning programs is a ray of hope to those students who cannot study due to unavoidable circumstances. It is an answer to all those employed people who wish to study further at the same time while they are doing their job. The university is a solution to the students who wish to stay updated in skills and education. The vision of the university is achieve excellence in the field of education and help the students to be a better worthy human being with good quality of education for the betterment of the society.It nurtures the idea that having knowledge is having wisdom and it can lead a society towards prosperity.


About 15,000 students are studying in different colleges of the University and 2000 Medical, Homoeopathy, Paramedical, Engineering Dental, and Management students come out every year. 5000 staff including well-known professors and efficient staff helps the student to achieve excellence in education. The achievement of the university is because of its experienced faculty who are devoted to provide good quality education. The professional technique and the teaching with care gives a wonderful experience every student studying in the university. The university is a ray of hope to each and every individual who wants to study further. For further details about the university visit the website and enlighten your spirits with the light of knowledge.

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