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Q.1) What is certification? How is it helpful to me?

Ans. Certification means we are allowed to use the logo of a particular body (whom we are accredited to) on our certificates. That mean these bodies have certified that we meet their standards of quality and hence the certify the validity of these certificates. Being accredited to bodies like UKAS, SDSS, DEC, IECI(BASS)  (Counselor to use the full forms) makes your certificate valid and acceptable all over the world.


Q.2) Is your MBA equivalent to a MBA from a university?

Ans. If you are talking about the validity then it is equivalent. But in terms of the course curriculum I would say our MBA would be a little better as we update our curriculum every 6 months as compared to a universities 2-3 years.


Q.3) I have never seen any of your Ads in the print media. Why?

Ans. 1) Sir we belong to an NGO which is a non-profit making organization. So instead of giving the money for the ads in newspapers, we believe in using that money in helping another child.

2) As far as coverage in media is concerned , there have been regular articles about our institute in top business magazines like Busines Sphere (July 2008 issue), Dainik Jagran(05-01-2009), Amar Ujala(05-01-2009), Hindustan, Nav Bharat Times, Times Of India, etc.  frequently.


Q.4) What is MBA fast track ?

Ans. Sir the program is for 2 years, however we give this facility to our students wherein they can finish the program any time between 6 month to 2-years.

Generally when you go for a regular MBA with 16-24 subjects the course structure is basically divided in 3 major parts. In the first part i.e.1st Year, you get to revise the graduation studies and the basics of MBA. In the second part i.e. 2nd Year 1st half, you get to learn your 1st specialization and in the 3rd part, they cover your second specialization. This particular program that we offer is a single specialization MBA with 4 other subjects. So in a way what we are offering you is the 2nd year 2nd half of any regular MBA program because you already know the first 2 parts through you experience.


Q.5) You said I can give my exams sitting at home. Doesn't that mean I can cheat and write my papers?

Ans. 1)Sir as I told you the question papers that we send you are in the form of live and practical case studies and not the direct theoretical questions where you can open the book and copy. In case studies you have to present yourself in a given situation.

2) MBA is a application based program where our aim is to make sure that you handle the situations in your professional as well as personal life better. Generally also if you face a particular situation, where you do not know the solution, what do you do?

3) You consult your colleagues, your books, your friends and then you learn to handle that situation. In this case also if to answer the question if you are taking anybody's help, you are learning something.

4) Even IIM's, IIT's have started this unique examination style called Open Book Test system.


Q.6) How many specialization do you offer?

Ans. We offer more than 100 specializations, hence we have a course for almost everyone.


Q.7) In how many days would I get my study material?

Ans. After enrollment you will receive your study material in 15 working days.


Q.8) After submitting my papers, in how many days would the results be declared and when will I get the certificates?

Ans. After submitting your papers, you shall receive your certificates in 21 working days.


Q.9) How many branches do you have ?

Ans. Including the sub-branches and franchisees we have 25 branches all over India.


Q.10) Can I go for an extra specialization ?

Ans. Yes sir you can go for as many specializations as you want. You have to pay Rs. 5000/- extra per specialization


Q.11) Can I give the exams before 6 months?

Ans. Yes sir you can, by paying the pre-examination fee of Rs.2000/- only.


Q.12) But will this certificate be valid in govt jobs as I think they need the candidate to be a MBA from a AICTE approved university only?

Ans. Sir, this is an autonomous course which is non-ugc and non-aicte, so it is accepted in private sectors, thorougly.


Q.13) Do you provide a degree or a diploma?

Ans. 1)Sir management programs are professional courses and the question of a degree does not arise.

2) We have courses from diploma to doctorate level and we provide you with the certificates.


Q.14) Why should I go for your Institute instead of a University?

Ans Sir its completely your choice. The benefit that you will get by doing your MBA from our institute is as follows

1) You can save a lot of time as we give you the fast track option. From a university, you will have to invest a minimum of 2-3 years whereas from our institute you can finish the program anytime between 6months to 2 years.

2) Being a ISO certified international B&T-School , we update our study material every 6 months whereas the universities update the curriculum every 2-3 years. The curriculum for MBA (any management program) being a professional application based program , needs to be updated as every now and then a new management style emerges and the old one becomes redundant.

3) A University will give an option of 5-6 specializations but we offer you over 100 specializations


Q.15) What is the ranking of your Institute india ?

Ans. 1) In distance learning mode, we are definitely in top 10, as rated by various business magazines like Business Sphere, Business Management Chronicle, etc.

2) Most of our students have already got offers to the tune of Rs.3 lac to 3.5 lacs.


Q.16) Is your institute approved by AICTE &/or UGC?

Ans. 1) Sir we have not taken the AICTE approval. There are several reasons behind that. First of all they have certain norms like to run an institute you should have 5 acres of land in an urban area or 25 acres in a non urban area.

2) Also your classroom size should be this much and you should have a bank balance of 2 crores. Since we are running a distance learning programs what will we do with this much of land.

3) Secondly if we take there approval we will lose out on a lot of our strong points. We will not be able to provide you with fast track education as the duration would be decided by AICTE.

4) In such a case we wont be able to give 100% placement guarantee to our regular MBA students which is one of our strongest points.


 Q.17) Will the companies accept 6 months MBA?

Ans. Sir, first of all your certificate will not indicate that you have finished your program in 6 months or 8 month. It just indicates the date you have finished your program. Secondly for past 18 years, we have been giving this fast track MBA and you can see the list of companies where our students are placed. So the Companies do accept and acknowledge this MBA.


Q.18) How can you give MBA in 6 Months?

Ans. The program is for 2 years, however we give this facility to our students wherein they can finish the program any time between 6 month to 2-years. Generally if you pursue MBA from some other institute and even if you finish your studies in 13 months you can give your exam only after 24 month. In our case if you finish your studies in 13 months, you can give your exams and get your certifications done, thus saving your own 11 months. The duration of the program completely depends on the student calibre.