Syllabus For The Subject Industrial Engg. and Management

       Industrial Engineering And Management System

1.      Introduction to industrial engineering

Historical growth of industrial engineering

Production system

Functions of industrial managers/engineers

Few important fields of application


2 Production systems


Open loop system

Feedback system

Formulation of model used for industrial system


Methods used for system decision


3 Techniques for production system analysis

Linear programming

Basic assumptions for linear programming

Simple method

Primal problem

Duel of primal problem

Transportation method



4 waiting line models

Basic structure of waiting line models

Service discipline

Service mechanism

Classification of waiting line model

Terminology used


Summary of notations used in waiting line models


Decision theory as applied to production system

Making a decision problems

Decision making under certainty

Decision making under uncertainty

6 simulations 



PERT & CPM-aid to project management

Historical review of pert & CPM




PERT.A Technique





Time estimates

Finding critical path

Table for computing critical path


Resources allocation



8 Organization

Functions of organization structure

Types of organization



Plant layout

Plant location and building

Factors influencing plant location


Multiplan location

Factory building

Plant layout and environment effect

Objectives of plant layout

Types of layout

Considerations in layout

Developing a layout

Evaluation of layout

Symptoms of bad layout

Services and effect of environment

Material handing

Objectives of material handing

Material handing equipments





Selection of equipments

Recommendations for good material handing



10 Production planning and control

Objectives of production planning & control

Components of production planning & control

11 Estimation of future work (forecasting)

Forecasting methodology

Analysis of data

Average demand at a certain period

Estimation of men demand moving average

Pattern of changes is demand

Work authorization


12 Product design & development

Management policy

Selection of profitable products

Break even analysis

Value engineering proce s


13 Product planning & development

 Product planning

Selection of material

Steps in process planning




14 Materials Management

Inventory control

Planning the materials

Inventory problems & functions

Inventory control problems

Economic order quantity

Reorder procedure

Lead time


ABC analysis

Codification for inventory control

Value engineering

Educating & training of value engineer


15 Purchasing &stores management

Functions of purchasing

Purchase organization

Methods of purchasing process

Steps in purchasing process

Steps in purchasing process

Functions of store department

How to run a store

Store management


16 Loading and scheduling

Developing a loading & scheduling system

Mathematical loading & scheduling

Commercial loading & scheduling

Commercial loading & scheduling devices


17 dispatching


Dispatch office

Dispatch –station procedure

Procedure to be followed by workmen



18 Production control

Progress reporting

Methods of reporting

Corrective action & methods

Recording & reporting




19 Work study

Motivating workers for higher productivity

Six lines of attack

Method study

Visualization and charts

Critical examination

Work measurement techniques

Time study

Performance rating

Rating systems


Micro motion study  


Making film and its analysis

Construction of SIMO chart


20 other systems of work measurement

MTM and its procedure

Work factor system

Work sampling

Planning the sampling study



20 Other systems of work measurement

MTM and its procedure

Work factor system

Work sampling

Planning the sampling study


21   Inspection & quality control

Objective of inspection

Function standards

Kinds of inspection

Quality control & product quality

Factors controlling quality

Growth of quality control

Inspection & quality control

Statistical techniques

Frequency distribution

Control charts

Uses of control charts and types

Theory of control charts

X&R chart (control charts for variables)


Examples of X and R charts

Control chart of fraction defective (p-chart)         

Examples of p-charts

Control chart of fraction defective (p-chart)

Examples of p-charts

Control charts for number of defects per unit

Examples of c-chart

Acceptance sampling by attributes

Single sampling plan

Double sampling plan

Producer‘s and consumer’s risks

Concept of zero defects

Its philosophy

Zero defect planning


22. management science

The art of management

Origin of management science

Taylor’s role

Professional management

Engineering & management service

Decision making the core of problem

Management organization & administration

Management & organization

The functions and types of management

Personnel management


The personnel officer & policies



23 Personnel relations in industrial systems

Problems of an industrial system

Human problems

Industrial relations

Various legislature acts to protect the workers

Workers compensation


A comment on lab our laws  


24) Recruitment selection & training

Problems of recruitment



Plans of states union territories


25 trade unions & disputes settlement

Trade unions

Growth of trade union movement

Drawbacks of the trade unions

Industrial disputes and settlement

Voluntary arbitration of industrial disputes

Workers participitation in management and profit sharing



26 job evaluation & merit rating

Job evaluation

Job rating pring principles

Procedure for installing a job rating plan

Methods of job evaluation

Comparative account of the methods of job


Merit rating

Types of merit rating plan


27 Wave & wage-incentives


28 marketing management


29 Forms of industrial enterprises


30 Elements of engineering economy


31 Role of money banking & trade in production systems

Cost and cost accounting



32 Industrial budgeting and cost analysis


33 Depreciation accounting


34 Maintenance & replacement studies


35 Problems of people’s participation in project planning    



36 Accounting for engineers



37 Industrialization and industrial policy of India


38 Small scale industries and entrepreneurship in India























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